City Facility professionally provides facility management services for business and residential properties.

In our maintenance system, there are over 400 facilities, 10 most exclusive settlements, which makes over 30,000 satisfied users.

By setting high standards of quality of service we enable modern, efficient work and comfortable life in the objects that are entrusted to our maintenance.
Integrated management, current and investment maintenance achieve preservation and increase of the level of the market value of the property, more efficient use of resources, reduction of investment, and significant savings in general expenses.

City Facility has certified its business in accordance with the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. This is another in a series of steps in order to raise the level of business in accordance with international standards, in order to offer domestic and foreign clients security in the quality of services we offer.


 City Facility offers services of technical maintenance – preventive maintenance and inspections, maintenance on demand and emergency maintenance of facilities, as well as maintenance of hygiene, landscaping and greenery.

Current analysis shows that by introducing FM into an existing business concept, you can achieve up to 30% savings in operating costs.
Integrated contractual maintenance reduces emergency interventions, energy savings and longer life service.
Regular facility maintenance creates a clean and tidy space that promotes good working habits, increases the efficiency of work and ensures smooth running of the core business.


Adequate management and maintenance of the living environment ensures the preservation and increase of the value of the property, the increase in functionality and the overall quality of the residential environment.

The management of housing objects, among other things, involves analysing the existing situation and updating the technical documentation of the facility with a precisely defined status of individual elements of the building, then defining the maintenance strategy and reporting on the quality of the performed works. Quality and reliable maintenance of facilities, tailored to the specific needs and requirements of our clients, provide security, safety and comfort for our customers.

City Facility offers its users the benefit of a unified invoicing.

The wide range of services we offer, satisfies all the needs of tenants from the domain of management and maintenance of facilities.